Potty Training — Day 3

You are not going to believe the success my 16 month old has made today! He stayed clean and dry ALL DAY LONG! I did not expect this sort of progress! I logged every time he went, just like yesterday, but this time I wrote the times as well. I will refrain from sharing that picture though :)

Day 3 Objective: Better bladder control

The time log showed that at the beginning of the day he was going every 20-45 minutes, but at the end of the day he was only going every 45 -90 mins. I would say that the third objective is making headway. I do not, however, want him to make it a habit to wait too long. I’m not sure that is healthy, so I will advocate for at least every 2 hours until he is old enough to decide for himself (my 2.5 year old has been potty trained long enough that I have not needed to remind her in quite some time).

At about 3 PM I was so excited about his success that I took him and Sissy for a walk. It was the first time in 3 days that he wore pants! Again I say, I’m glad I live down south! We then proceeded to celebrate with ice cream, followed by a bubble bath (naturally:).

What I am most proud of, concerning my son, is that he has interrupted: bath time, TV time, ipad time, play time, and meal time to use the potty! That might not sound like much, but those are all very important times as far as he is concerned.

I am writing this post because I said I would the day I began potty training him. I thought that it would be a rough time, and that it would be an interesting prose. I was wrong, this does seem rather uninteresting. I am sure there will be some rough times, I have read many places that children have setbacks. There will be times that he is not in the mood to stop what he is doing and times he miscalculates how long he can hold it. Undoubtedly, there will be church nursery workers who will not understand his words (he is not a clear speaker yet). This is all okay. I am not worried because I know, that (barring some tragedy) he will be fully potty trained well before his second birthday, and I will never have fought him about it, or been frustrated. I don’t take accidents personally, and I intend on keeping this a rather happy, and peaceful subject.

Really, because this has gone so well, I don’t deserve any credit! I prayed for the last few months, that he would be eager to learn, and learn quickly. It appears that Jesus has answered my prayers, and I humbly admit, that my Lord has answered my prayers even when I don’t have the faith enough to believe it is possible. If the journey continues to be even as easy as day 2 for the next month, I will thank God for giving me such a teachable child with such a desire to please.

There may, or may not, be rough days in the next month or two, but it does not matter because I know he gets it. I know his bladder is maturing and he can hold himself; I know he knows how to use the potty; he is not afraid of the potty; he has been trained these things before the terrible twos hit; he knows he can do it; and he knows I expect him to.

I am sorry if this has not been a more interesting journey (at least not yet :). But with these present circumstances, I can only give the credit to God and that makes me feel much better about it!






8 thoughts on “Potty Training — Day 3

  1. I have read many different blogs and potty training in a method similar to yours and I understand how you do it during the day, but what about nap time and bedtime? Do you use a diaper or pull-up for those? Or do you just change sheets every time until they are able to hold it for that long period of time? Thank you!

  2. Okay so, I just read all of your posts on potty training your son; I am so inspired to pray and start training with my 16 month old. We are a very open family; when we potty, baby A likes to sit next to us on the floor. She also brings us a diaper (always have been reachable for baby A) when she poo poo’s. I will be praying about starting and for her superb success when I do! Thank you for sharing!!!

    • You are welcome! That is great that she is getting ready. I’m am glad you found it useful, let me know how it goes! I love hearing about early potty training :)

  3. That’s awesome! I did EC from birth with my daughter and she was potty trained day and night by 14 months. I always tell parents even if they didn’t do EC from birth, around 14-15 months is an excellent time to do it and a lot of kids at that age start wanting to use the potty, but the parents think they are too young or not ready, or whatever… Good for you!!! He will certainly be potty trained by 2 if you keep it up. I wrote a blog on doing EC with an older baby: http://katesurfs.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/starting-elimination-communication-with-an-older-baby/

    • That is wonderful about your daughter! There are many doctors that tell parents that it isn’t possible for a child to be trained until a certain age and that is where the fear in potty training comes from. Thank you for your post, I read it and will recommend it to others who have questions!

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