Potty Training — Day 2

Wow! Today has been a lot of work! My son has done above what I expected of him! He has had 20 successful potty runs today! He has also had 7 accidents, but that is far better than is 1:1 ratio from day 1! I expected a rough day because day 2 was rough with child #1. But maybe he will surprise me, and have no rough days…Hey, a woman can hope!

Success is marked on the left, and otherwise is marked on the right. Check plus marks going both ways.

Half of the time that he is successful are my idea, and that is not how I intended it to work out. I wanted it to be his initiative ALL of the time, but let’s face it. He’s a boy, and he gets in these little zones. Mommy has to bring him back to earth and help him remember ;) And if it was all child led, then it wouldn’t be called training, now would it? So after a few accidents, I swallowed my silly philosophy and decided to remind him to go.

I believe there is misconception as to what it is like to potty train a toddler. I have seen online and heard mothers say things like, “I don’t want to force my child to sit on the potty,” “That method requires you to load your kids up with sugary juices and a high fiber diet.” “That would stress a child out!” “That is not potty training, it is parent training.”

Well, I’m not going to address the last issue, but I would like to say that this journey has been rather pleasant! I have never forced my son to sit on the potty. If he says he does not have to go, I TRUST HIM. Sure, he is not always going to tell me the truth, but I have to build that trust relationship.

I will admit that I keep his cup full, but with milk and water mostly. He does get a cup of juice a day, but I have not deviated from the norm, and I have NEVER forced him to drink. He has actually had to remind me twice today to refill his cup. No, he pees plenty enough for me to not have to force him to drink! :)

Stress? No, instead, my son is full of a wonderful pride of learning something new! We have enjoyed this new experience of learning together! He is getting a lot of mommy one on one time. I have never been angry about his accidents or forced him to clean them up or anything. I just tell him that pee pee goes on the potty. The look of pride on his face when he does it right is absolutely amazing! I want my son to learn that even if something is difficult, he can do anything he wants to do. He gets so excited he exclaims, “Yay!” and high fives daddy. Stressed? I think not.

I have decided to just use the big potty. We will use the little one while we travel and as necessary, but I don’t want him to think potty time is play time. As patient as I am with taking him 27 times, I don’t want to play with a potty while sitting on a ceramic floor.

Day 2 Objective: Learn to communicate soon enough.

This lesson for the day applied a lot to me. Like I said, I decided to take some initiative and ask him when he needed to go. Half the time it was his idea, but even when I did ask, he still decided.

I did not reward with any sweets but he did decide that he enjoyed turning the bathroom light on and off. That is reward enough for a one year old. If only light switches were that enjoyable to everyone! I love babies and how happy they choose to be!

Tomorrow is an important day! I do hope he has realized that is is much simpler to make it on time. Tomorrow I will have both children all day to myself. This will make it more difficult, but not impossible. She does get so jealous of his attention! But I love her for it :)

See you on day 3!

My little monkey could not eat his monkey bread fast enough this morning!


Any thoughts?

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