Potty Training — Day 1

This morning, when my son woke, I put him straight on the potty (with no success) and then into underwear. He is 16 months old and has shown an interest the last 2 weeks, so I wanted to use this teachable window.

Day 1 Objective: Teach him to realize when he needs to go.

When a child is used to being in a diaper, they go often. His first two times peeing were on the potty chair, with an accident, followed by another success. There was a point when he did not seem to care much for waiting, so he had three small accidents in a row. The next time he had to go, he let me know, but I did not understand his cue right away, and we did not make it in time. And the last time of the day was on the potty.

My husband was supportive and at lunch time, he took my daughter out shopping, and then to a friend’s house. This enabled me to focus on the child being trained. I tried to stay close to him all day, if not interacting with him in play, or involving him on the household chores. I wanted to make sure that I noticed his every feeling!

When I noticed an accident, whether in progress or finished, I calmly said, “JJ, Pee-Pee on the potty,” or something like that, and placed him on the potty. My goal here is for him to realize that he should be on the potty while peeing. Simple enough ;)

If the only lesson he learned today was when to anticipate needing to eliminate, then today would have been a success. Considering today ended with 2 successes in a row, I think he did learn that lesson.

Tomorrow, we are going to stay home and repeat the same process. I do not expect tomorrow to have better statistics than today. I know he is a different child, but my daughter’s second day was horrible! I think she realized that it was inconvenient to wait. I do not know what is going on in his head, but he has enjoyed today! He likes to clap his hands and, “Yay!” when he gets up from the potty. Washing his hands and shutting the light off are a special reward for making it on time.

I go back and forth between using the little potty and putting him on the adult potty (albeit backward). I know he understands that they are both the same thing, so I am not worried about him getting confused.

My biggest obstacle is his communication. Pee-pee sounds like “Ba-Ba,” so it sounds a little too much like other words he communicates. I might need to come up with another word for him to say, one I will understand the first time. My goal is to be wise and put him on when I know he must go, but the majority of the time I want him to let me know when he needs to go on his own.

On a not so wonderful note, I am not feeling well this evening. My back hurts from getting up and down so much, horseplaying with a one year old, and sitting on ceramic tile. It could be that…or our new bed…I’m not sure, but I hope its not the bed. My kids have been in bed for 20 mins, and even though it is only 8pm EST, I am going to bed! I have not edited this, and I usually do not edit style anyway, but if the grammar or format is terrible, just forgive me! This is just the draft and I am publishing it because I said I would do it today ;)

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4 thoughts on “Potty Training — Day 1

  1. Hi my name is Bonnie and just read all your posts about potty training. My son is 17 months and I want to train him as well but I am wondering how to train him at night since he drinks like 5 oz of milk before bed. I will really appreciate your input. Thanks in advance for your time and God Bless you and your family.

  2. I really would like to potty train my daughter. She is 18 months old but doesn’t really talk other than mama, daddy, hi, hey, bye and uh-oh LOL. So far she knows if I say go peepee on the potty, she will sit on the potty chair but she won’t actually pee. She will just sit there and laugh for a bit and then get up, clap her hands and walk away lol. At least she knows where to go lol. Did you wait until your son knew what it meant to go pee-pee before starting to train him? I feel like my daughter would do it if she just understood what it actually means. Oh and she hates having a wet diaper, she will take it off, so thats why I feel she might be ready.

    • That is awesome that she understands already where pee pee goes! Lots of people use a hand signal at young ages instead of a word. My son could not say it either at the time, but learned it pretty soon after. He did not know what pee was until I began training. I tried training him commando, but soon learned that a boy could easily eliminate without even noticing, so I trained him wearing just underwear and a shirt around the house. Having done it twice, I can say, that the look on their face when they wet themselves the first time is priceless! Lol. I trained my daughter wearing nothing but a dress when she was 18 months and she had no clue about potties before. Honesty I think training early (and by going straight to underwear) is easier. The first day may seem very hard, maybe even the first two days but it is so much faster before they get closer to two and start knowing everything already, lol. It is no big deal to me if people wait to train though.

      • that’s how I trained my son but I waited until he was 2 1/2. I wasn’t worried about accidents because I had tile floors then. Now I have carpet so I’m afraid to let her just run naked because then I’ll have a mess to clean accidents out of carpet lol

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