Potty Training Readiness

My son is just days over 16 months old and has had 2 days of using the potty semi regularly! What is insane is that he was the one who took the initiative! Since we have rarely been home the last few months, I have not even tried to potty train him. At some point (around 13 months old) he HATED having dirty diapers, but that was only a brief 2-3 weeks of “teachable moment.”

My little family plans on being home for 3 weeks when my son is 17 months old. Since we will not be home much again until we move (around his 2nd b-day, and that move is to a foreign country so waiting til then is not optimal :) this window is the only reasonable time I have to potty train. I am a FIRM believer that toddlers can be completely potty trained, and that it is plenty healthy. What I have been doing to prepare him for potty training is helping him realize when he is eliminating. That is all. I’m sure every mother already practices this unknowingly, “Oh, do you have a stinky?” Seriously, that is all I did.

And then he asked.

“Boo, Boo.” He said looking uncomfortable. (Buddy struggles with his P-sound:)

He verbally informed me for several days after he dirtied his diaper (as opposed to sitting on my lap every time he dirtied a diaper), and then, four days ago, he told me BEFORE he dirtied his diaper. I was so crazy excited! The problem was that there was no way I could possibly take him! Ironic, huh? He was stuck on the playground and I could not get to him in time :(

He then communicated with me for 2 more days, and then yesterday he gave me plenty of warning. Enter another ironic situation:

Since we travel in a tiny car, I only buy the small diaper packs for space sake. And yesterday I was completely OUT of diapers. We were in church for a morning missions conference meeting and my son asked to poop on the potty right before church. I thought he only wanted to copy sissy, who had just gone, and since I had no diaper to change him (we planned on getting them right after church), I did not want to play with taking his off.

Just a few minutes later, I am talking to some folks near our display table, and he looks uncomfortable and is saying, “Boo, Boo” and whining. I practically ran back to the bathroom and stripped that child down. He was waiting to go! Poor soul ;)

And we made it!

I was so excited I gave him a Dum-Dum. *usually reserved for children in church*

Today has been quite a busy day. We are staying in the middle of nowhere, and I had to drive 30 mins to McDonald’s for a play place (its COLD outside and we are from FL :). Even though we were running errands (and buying Christmas gifts! *small ones*), I took him every time I took his sister, and he actually peed on the potty!

He woke wet this morning, but other than that he only wet his diaper one time today and peed on the potty many, many times!

I am going to be honest:

*I don’t expect it to stay this easy. I know certain training periods are like roller coasters!
*I did actually pray that The Lord would help him learn quickly. I know our lifestyle is unique.

That being said, I am crazy proud of my little man!



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