Potty Training — Day 3

You are not going to believe the success my 16 month old has made today! He stayed clean and dry ALL DAY LONG! I did not expect this sort of progress! I logged every time he went, just like yesterday, but this time I wrote the times as well. I will refrain from sharing that picture though :)

Day 3 Objective: Better bladder control

The time log showed that at the beginning of the day he was going every 20-45 minutes, but at the end of the day he was only going every 45 -90 mins. I would say that the third objective is making headway. I do not, however, want him to make it a habit to wait too long. I’m not sure that is healthy, so I will advocate for at least every 2 hours until he is old enough to decide for himself (my 2.5 year old has been potty trained long enough that I have not needed to remind her in quite some time).

At about 3 PM I was so excited about his success that I took him and Sissy for a walk. It was the first time in 3 days that he wore pants! Again I say, I’m glad I live down south! We then proceeded to celebrate with ice cream, followed by a bubble bath (naturally:).

What I am most proud of, concerning my son, is that he has interrupted: bath time, TV time, ipad time, play time, and meal time to use the potty! That might not sound like much, but those are all very important times as far as he is concerned.

I am writing this post because I said I would the day I began potty training him. I thought that it would be a rough time, and that it would be an interesting prose. I was wrong, this does seem rather uninteresting. I am sure there will be some rough times, I have read many places that children have setbacks. There will be times that he is not in the mood to stop what he is doing and times he miscalculates how long he can hold it. Undoubtedly, there will be church nursery workers who will not understand his words (he is not a clear speaker yet). This is all okay. I am not worried because I know, that (barring some tragedy) he will be fully potty trained well before his second birthday, and I will never have fought him about it, or been frustrated. I don’t take accidents personally, and I intend on keeping this a rather happy, and peaceful subject.

Really, because this has gone so well, I don’t deserve any credit! I prayed for the last few months, that he would be eager to learn, and learn quickly. It appears that Jesus has answered my prayers, and I humbly admit, that my Lord has answered my prayers even when I don’t have the faith enough to believe it is possible. If the journey continues to be even as easy as day 2 for the next month, I will thank God for giving me such a teachable child with such a desire to please.

There may, or may not, be rough days in the next month or two, but it does not matter because I know he gets it. I know his bladder is maturing and he can hold himself; I know he knows how to use the potty; he is not afraid of the potty; he has been trained these things before the terrible twos hit; he knows he can do it; and he knows I expect him to.

I am sorry if this has not been a more interesting journey (at least not yet :). But with these present circumstances, I can only give the credit to God and that makes me feel much better about it!





Potty Training — Day 2

Wow! Today has been a lot of work! My son has done above what I expected of him! He has had 20 successful potty runs today! He has also had 7 accidents, but that is far better than is 1:1 ratio from day 1! I expected a rough day because day 2 was rough with child #1. But maybe he will surprise me, and have no rough days…Hey, a woman can hope!

Success is marked on the left, and otherwise is marked on the right. Check plus marks going both ways.

Half of the time that he is successful are my idea, and that is not how I intended it to work out. I wanted it to be his initiative ALL of the time, but let’s face it. He’s a boy, and he gets in these little zones. Mommy has to bring him back to earth and help him remember ;) And if it was all child led, then it wouldn’t be called training, now would it? So after a few accidents, I swallowed my silly philosophy and decided to remind him to go.

I believe there is misconception as to what it is like to potty train a toddler. I have seen online and heard mothers say things like, “I don’t want to force my child to sit on the potty,” “That method requires you to load your kids up with sugary juices and a high fiber diet.” “That would stress a child out!” “That is not potty training, it is parent training.”

Well, I’m not going to address the last issue, but I would like to say that this journey has been rather pleasant! I have never forced my son to sit on the potty. If he says he does not have to go, I TRUST HIM. Sure, he is not always going to tell me the truth, but I have to build that trust relationship.

I will admit that I keep his cup full, but with milk and water mostly. He does get a cup of juice a day, but I have not deviated from the norm, and I have NEVER forced him to drink. He has actually had to remind me twice today to refill his cup. No, he pees plenty enough for me to not have to force him to drink! :)

Stress? No, instead, my son is full of a wonderful pride of learning something new! We have enjoyed this new experience of learning together! He is getting a lot of mommy one on one time. I have never been angry about his accidents or forced him to clean them up or anything. I just tell him that pee pee goes on the potty. The look of pride on his face when he does it right is absolutely amazing! I want my son to learn that even if something is difficult, he can do anything he wants to do. He gets so excited he exclaims, “Yay!” and high fives daddy. Stressed? I think not.

I have decided to just use the big potty. We will use the little one while we travel and as necessary, but I don’t want him to think potty time is play time. As patient as I am with taking him 27 times, I don’t want to play with a potty while sitting on a ceramic floor.

Day 2 Objective: Learn to communicate soon enough.

This lesson for the day applied a lot to me. Like I said, I decided to take some initiative and ask him when he needed to go. Half the time it was his idea, but even when I did ask, he still decided.

I did not reward with any sweets but he did decide that he enjoyed turning the bathroom light on and off. That is reward enough for a one year old. If only light switches were that enjoyable to everyone! I love babies and how happy they choose to be!

Tomorrow is an important day! I do hope he has realized that is is much simpler to make it on time. Tomorrow I will have both children all day to myself. This will make it more difficult, but not impossible. She does get so jealous of his attention! But I love her for it :)

See you on day 3!

My little monkey could not eat his monkey bread fast enough this morning!

Potty Training — Day 1

This morning, when my son woke, I put him straight on the potty (with no success) and then into underwear. He is 16 months old and has shown an interest the last 2 weeks, so I wanted to use this teachable window.

Day 1 Objective: Teach him to realize when he needs to go.

When a child is used to being in a diaper, they go often. His first two times peeing were on the potty chair, with an accident, followed by another success. There was a point when he did not seem to care much for waiting, so he had three small accidents in a row. The next time he had to go, he let me know, but I did not understand his cue right away, and we did not make it in time. And the last time of the day was on the potty.

My husband was supportive and at lunch time, he took my daughter out shopping, and then to a friend’s house. This enabled me to focus on the child being trained. I tried to stay close to him all day, if not interacting with him in play, or involving him on the household chores. I wanted to make sure that I noticed his every feeling!

When I noticed an accident, whether in progress or finished, I calmly said, “JJ, Pee-Pee on the potty,” or something like that, and placed him on the potty. My goal here is for him to realize that he should be on the potty while peeing. Simple enough ;)

If the only lesson he learned today was when to anticipate needing to eliminate, then today would have been a success. Considering today ended with 2 successes in a row, I think he did learn that lesson.

Tomorrow, we are going to stay home and repeat the same process. I do not expect tomorrow to have better statistics than today. I know he is a different child, but my daughter’s second day was horrible! I think she realized that it was inconvenient to wait. I do not know what is going on in his head, but he has enjoyed today! He likes to clap his hands and, “Yay!” when he gets up from the potty. Washing his hands and shutting the light off are a special reward for making it on time.

I go back and forth between using the little potty and putting him on the adult potty (albeit backward). I know he understands that they are both the same thing, so I am not worried about him getting confused.

My biggest obstacle is his communication. Pee-pee sounds like “Ba-Ba,” so it sounds a little too much like other words he communicates. I might need to come up with another word for him to say, one I will understand the first time. My goal is to be wise and put him on when I know he must go, but the majority of the time I want him to let me know when he needs to go on his own.

On a not so wonderful note, I am not feeling well this evening. My back hurts from getting up and down so much, horseplaying with a one year old, and sitting on ceramic tile. It could be that…or our new bed…I’m not sure, but I hope its not the bed. My kids have been in bed for 20 mins, and even though it is only 8pm EST, I am going to bed! I have not edited this, and I usually do not edit style anyway, but if the grammar or format is terrible, just forgive me! This is just the draft and I am publishing it because I said I would do it today ;)

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Yogurt Success!

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.

I have often lamented the difficulty of finding whole milk yogurt! And when I did find it, I never enjoyed the price. So when I found several pin on Pinterest about making my own, I was intrigued. I was a little afraid of serving sour milk to my family, but at the amount of people who are doing it, and finding NOTHING online about the dangers, I decided to give it a try.

Here is the blog I followed. The directions were the simplest. I added 1/2 cup of sugar when I added the vanilla, and it was plenty to sweeten the entire gallon. And trust me, I like SWEET things!

Oh, and before I began, I SANITIZED every thing. The crock pot, whisk, spoon, crock pot lid, measuring cup, yes, I mean everything. Mind you, these things were already clean, but I had to re-sanitize them. If I was going to let bacteria grow, it was ONLY going to be good bacteria ;)

My kiddos LOVED eating it. I even added some chocolate chips, an idea my daughter got from the Berenstain Bears.





Join Me on my Potty Training Adventure

Today is the day I put my son in big boy underpants! I will blog tonight about the day’s occurrences, and the next three nights as well.

My son is 16 months old, but has communicated his desire to use the potty the last two weeks. We will be home without traveling for four weeks, so I put him in underwear the first day I could!


Husband Profile

I was driving today and was listening to Sunday School lessons on tape CD. The topic? The wife’s role in a marriage. Honestly, I thought it was all going to be the same old, same old. I was just trying to stay alert.

But instead I was convicted on so many levels! There are too many details to share tonight, but, I promise to put all my new wisdom to work and share the results ;) In all reality, my marriage (in my opinion) is pretty amazing. I am still loving it (is 5 years still honeymoon stage?) but I know I could use a little work in the HelpMeet arena!

The CD reminded me of the natural tendencies of my husband. Typically, most men can be categorized in to one of three categories. Though a man may have a spectrum of these traits, he should favor one of these types.

1. Mr. Command

2. Mr. Visionary

3. Mr. Steady

Mr. Command feels a GREAT need to lead others’ to success. As far as the wife is concerned, he is greatly insulted when she questions his leadership. This man benefits most from a wife who serves him willingly and helps him accomplish what he is going to attempt anyway. The wife may be overshadowed in her husbands success or personality, but if she fulfills her role as an enabler, he is liable to treat her like a queen.

Mr Visionary has AMAZING ideas. Many of them may seem insane, and, in all actuality, many are impossible! The biggest hindrance is a critical wife. On the other hand, this man will have the courage to leap over the moon at the encouragement and support of his wife. The wife of this man should be prepared for a life of rags, or a life of riches because this man is willing to take amazing risks!

Mr. Steady represents many men. He leads a fairly predictable life (dinner at such and such a time, family nights every tuesday, etc) if he can help it. This man would be content to live in the same house, have the same job, and run his car until it dies. This mans prime motivation is to make his wife happy and usually does not expect too much from his wife (i.e may not expect his clothes ironed or the house to be perfect).

This is my own understanding of what I read in Debi Pearl’s, Created to be His Helpmeet. My husband is, by and large, a Mr. Command. Until today, I did not realize how much I was not supporting his natural leadership tendencies. I understand, a little better anyway, why he expects me to get his clothes ready in the morning (he does not get upset if I do not, but really enjoys when I do). I understand why he considers certain things my job. Don’t get me wrong, my husband, would do ALL the housework, cook dinner AND work a full time job if that is what it took. He is a servant, but is greatly encouraged when I help him on his way.

One thing I realized was important is making his decisions mine. This is true for any husband, but especially mine, who naturally feels the burden of leadership. In the end, how important are little issues anyway? If he remembers something wrong, or gets directions wrong, there is no reason to prove him wrong, but to just enjoy the ride.

What about your husband? What do you believe his dominant trait is? What challenges and blessings does it bring with it?

Potty Training Readiness

My son is just days over 16 months old and has had 2 days of using the potty semi regularly! What is insane is that he was the one who took the initiative! Since we have rarely been home the last few months, I have not even tried to potty train him. At some point (around 13 months old) he HATED having dirty diapers, but that was only a brief 2-3 weeks of “teachable moment.”

My little family plans on being home for 3 weeks when my son is 17 months old. Since we will not be home much again until we move (around his 2nd b-day, and that move is to a foreign country so waiting til then is not optimal :) this window is the only reasonable time I have to potty train. I am a FIRM believer that toddlers can be completely potty trained, and that it is plenty healthy. What I have been doing to prepare him for potty training is helping him realize when he is eliminating. That is all. I’m sure every mother already practices this unknowingly, “Oh, do you have a stinky?” Seriously, that is all I did.

And then he asked.

“Boo, Boo.” He said looking uncomfortable. (Buddy struggles with his P-sound:)

He verbally informed me for several days after he dirtied his diaper (as opposed to sitting on my lap every time he dirtied a diaper), and then, four days ago, he told me BEFORE he dirtied his diaper. I was so crazy excited! The problem was that there was no way I could possibly take him! Ironic, huh? He was stuck on the playground and I could not get to him in time :(

He then communicated with me for 2 more days, and then yesterday he gave me plenty of warning. Enter another ironic situation:

Since we travel in a tiny car, I only buy the small diaper packs for space sake. And yesterday I was completely OUT of diapers. We were in church for a morning missions conference meeting and my son asked to poop on the potty right before church. I thought he only wanted to copy sissy, who had just gone, and since I had no diaper to change him (we planned on getting them right after church), I did not want to play with taking his off.

Just a few minutes later, I am talking to some folks near our display table, and he looks uncomfortable and is saying, “Boo, Boo” and whining. I practically ran back to the bathroom and stripped that child down. He was waiting to go! Poor soul ;)

And we made it!

I was so excited I gave him a Dum-Dum. *usually reserved for children in church*

Today has been quite a busy day. We are staying in the middle of nowhere, and I had to drive 30 mins to McDonald’s for a play place (its COLD outside and we are from FL :). Even though we were running errands (and buying Christmas gifts! *small ones*), I took him every time I took his sister, and he actually peed on the potty!

He woke wet this morning, but other than that he only wet his diaper one time today and peed on the potty many, many times!

I am going to be honest:

*I don’t expect it to stay this easy. I know certain training periods are like roller coasters!
*I did actually pray that The Lord would help him learn quickly. I know our lifestyle is unique.

That being said, I am crazy proud of my little man!