Snow Day!

We had a meeting on Sunday in VA, and when we were informed of the hurricane, we decided to leave to our next destination right away. So here we are in TN, in a tiny hotel with no where to be, and nothing to do. The McD’s in town does not even have a play place. Thankfully, this tiny town has a Walmart and I could pick up some essentials, but I also stopped by the craft section (seriously, it called out to me ;) and decided to buy some finger paint. Crazy me, I know, the hotel room only has about 9 square feet that is not carpeted. But I bought finger paint nonetheless.

It was not until I started to get the supplies ready, that I realized that the tub is the ideal place for finger painting. Both my one and two-year old loved it! They both mainly insisted on using the paint brushes, but when I encouraged them to feel it and play with it they began to paint on themselves…and all over the walls of the tub!

The activity helped my two-year-old understand how to mix colors (purple is her fav :) to get secondary colors.  I intentionally only gave them primary colors.  We had 2 sessions of painting today, and tomorrow I’ll bring out the other colors since the primary colors have been demolished.

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Do you have any rainy day ideas for a hotel room?


7 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. What fun! Shaving cream is also fun in the tub, as are ice cubes. :D Welcome to the south!! Sorry you’re stuck, though. ;) Where do you live?

    • Yes, I guess I was not telling the whole truth when I said we were staying in a hotel. We are actually staying in a motel, a hotel would have much much more convenient cause I’d let them walk the halls.

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