Quiet Book ~ No More Idle Hands!

While we are away from home for several weeks, I go CRAZY from a lack of creativity outlet.  There is no experimental desserts, entrees, sewing or scrapbooking! I have tried hand sewing while away from home, but I am not patient enough for that! Since I have realized that if I want my wiggly daughter to sit still, I need to have something for her hands to do, I have decided to make a quiet book.  Yes, the one craft I said I’d never do, has been done.  Here are my pictures of my quiet book in the making. While I did steal the quiet book idea off of Pinterest, I believe these simple ideas are all my own, and I have many more on my quiet book idea list.

My daughter loves them so far! They keep her busy, but I will have to admit, I have not been very careful as to when I give them to her. We have lost a felt doll shoe, her car-seat must have swallowed it.

I have enjoyed this new activity and much to my surprise, I am willing to work with felt again in the future.

Addy LOVES her “girls”


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