Pumpkin Carving Fail :)

Jeff and I have been pumpkin carving with his best friend for 5 years in a row. I have never been terribly wonderful at it; In fact, this is the first year that other people can tell what I was trying to create with my pumpkin.

My husband did Noah’s ark, mine is the initials with flowers on either end.

So I felt pretty confident about myself and thought that I would utilize my new-found creativity. This year I had my daughter draw on her pumpkin with pen. Last year she painted, but she has a mobile little brother and…well…You understand. :) I thought she would draw a swirls and interesting lines that would be interesting carvings…Here is her masterpiece.

I was right about the swirls and lines…

My little lefty!

And here is what I carved out of that.

My ‘fail’ pumpkin

See why I call it a fail?  All I could do was laugh about it because it was not what I had hoped.  But she had fun, and she was very proud to have designed her own pumpkin!


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving Fail :)

  1. Lol, aww that is such a cute fail, though! ;) I love the Noah’s Ark pumpkin-very cool! I have a lefty child too (my 8 year old) but really he can use either-it’s really wild!-but he prefers his left. And then our right-handed daughter does everything else with her left but writing! I love differences in kids, don’t you? :D

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