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I stared at my daughter, completely baffled, today.  “Is there anything I can help with, Mommy?”  That’s not a baby talking, that is a GIRL. So crazy! I remember being a little girl, and not long ago.  This made me realize how important my most recent discovery is.  God has given me a responsibility to train my children to be adults. The way I see it, I have a live in apprentice.




Do I want my daughter to be just like me? Not really. I want her to be kind, honest, a hard worker, and most of all, I want her to love Jesus.  I’d like to say that I am those things, but I want my daughter to exceed me in those areas.




How the apprenticeship mindset has helped me:




1. It helps me remember that my actions help shape her, for better or for worse. She is going to mimic me, so I must think before acting.




2. I am more proactive in involving her in my activities.  I talk her though tasks and whenever possible, let her get her hands involved.




3. My daughter will know she is a woman. Women are awesome and I want her to be well-rounded so she can do absolutely anything God calls her to do.




4. She is not in the way. She is supposed to be there, since she is in training.  She needs to learn to be ware of the stove and such, but chores are not just chores, they are bonding times! No, its not all fun and games, but we are still relationship building and the point of projects is no longer just to finish them. Every project has a side of character building. *I have also been using homemade safe cleaners for this reason*




5. She has developed a servant’s heart. Jesus Christ came to the earth to serve, and He is our Great Example of selflessness and service. There is no greater blessing than to be a servant. If I demonstrate this, and she copies it while at home with me, maybe it will come more naturally for her when she is grown.




6. I am also developing as a person! When your children start acting like you, you really get a good look at yourself! The first habit I kicked was, “yeah.” I answered that religiously instead of, “yes,” like a normal person. I have also refined my table manners, and my obedience. Yes, my obedience. I question everything! When my husband makes a decision sometimes it is necessary to interject as the wife and mother, but I should not question everything. I was setting a bad example.  There are other things, but no need to point out all my faults in one post ;)




These things also apply to my younger son, but mostly, my husband has taken him under his wings. We are very blessed to have a lifestyle where my husband spends a great deal of time with us. Traveling is not always easy, but God has blessed us with countless benefits that make up for it!





Any thoughts?

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