Make your own Brown Sugar

Brown sugar examples: Muscovado (top), dark br...

Brown sugar examples: Muscovado (top), dark brown (left), golden brown (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You would be amazed at all the unlisted ingredients to normal store bought items! I do not know what ingredients are allowed to go unlisted, what their purposes are or if they are harmful, but I have decided that it is best to make as many things at home as possible. Part of my decision was to save money, and another reason for making your own brown sugar is to determine just how dark you like it.




White sugar




*It takes about 1 tbsp per cup of sugar. You can mix it together with a fork, electric mixer, or stand mixer but my personal favorite is my HANDS. I know, I know, sticky, mess and gross. But every other method took too long to mix all the clumps out and mixing with my hands (I mostly just pinch it to mix it) took like 1/4 of the time and I have no problem washing my hands :)


The molasses smells stronger than you would expect and it may seem like much, but after you mix it and use it you will LOVE the fresh taste of molasses, it really does make a difference. This is a rather medium type of brown sugar so you can add more or less for dark or light brown sugar.


You can make it ahead of time and store it the same way to store any other kind of brown sugar and I have noticed it does not clump nearly as bad when you make it yourself, but you could put some paper towels in the container to absorb any moisture.

If you need brown sugar NOW for a recipe, I have added the molasses to the wet ingredients and the white sugar to the dry ingredients and it turned out fine.


Happy Baking!




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