What is Geocaching?

One day my husband and I were watching a crime show (we were guests at another person’s house) and the criminal in the show hid clues of his crime in containers at disclosed coordinates. I am not usually into that kind of show, but the scavenger hunt was interesting to me (creepy bones aside:).  That was our first introduction to Geocaching.  My husband was so interested that he decided to look it up online to see if it really existed. Guess what? It does!

Geocaching is NOT for criminals :)

Geocaching is like a scavenger hunt, or a treasure hunt, for containers that you find using GPS coordinates.  You can use a GPS or a smart phone to find containers, also called caches.  There are more than 800,000 in the US and over a million hidden throughout the world!  The website for more info, or to get started, is here.

Jeff and I did our first geocaching right after our first child was born and loved it right away!

Geocaching is the best way we know to find neat places, spend time together, and get outdoors. Caches are found in parking lots, parks, rest areas, and many public places. Caches are ALWAYS hid with permission so you can look without fear, but when searching for the containers, you must not let by passers get suspicious. After finding a cache you can sign the logbook and if there are items inside feel free to trade the items with items of equal or greater value. After you are finished you place the cache back where you found it for the next person! It is that simple!

Geocaching has taken us places we have never been, even in our home city! Here are a few pics of our geocaching adventures :)

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