Love Languages

My daughter has perplexed me for quite some time in regards to what makes her tick. Sometimes I feel like she is over excitable while at other times I cannot make her smile to save my life. Yesterday while I was leaving for Walmart, I told her I was going to bring her home a gift.  She was jumping up and down and could not wait until I left so I could come back and bring it to her. Then I did a dangerous thing…

I thought about it….:)

I am forever telling my daughter how much I love her, and hugging her, and looking her in the eyes to tell her how special she is to me. I also do my best to spend quality time with her by reading and baking with her and what not. She is a pretty secure child, but I still felt like maybe I was not communicating my love effectively. She still tries to hog all the attention that I give her brother and was jealous of him. I know that is not ever going to go away completely.

I made the connection that I was just not show her love the was she understood it. I remembered learning my husband’s love language and enhancing our marriage that way, but this was the first time I considered it for my children.  I had my suspicions of what the test would reveal, but I took the love language test for her on

I have only finished making our discovery today, so I will continue to learn more about her and how to communicate love the way she understands and share my experiences with you :)


One thought on “Love Languages

  1. I adore the 5 Love Languages book for children. My little one is 2, so I didn’t think that his love language would be clear yet. But he overwhelmingly tested for quality time and physical touch.

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