Cute Boy Ties

I will not make a habit out of sharing other people’s tutorials, but this one is adorable and works really well for our family! I originally found this tutorial here, so I will not reinvent the wheel, but here are some result pictures:

And here is a picture of him only wearing a diaper cover and tie, its not an amazing picture…I appliqued some triangles from the tie fabric to the bottom.

I used a tutorial for the diaper cover as well, but I didn’t bother printing out the pattern. I just tried to copy it the best I could (I figured the elastic would be forgiving). I made it a little small and I had to re make it, but since it only takes about a half  hour, I didn’t mind.

The tie also takes about a  half hour, and since my family and I travel to speak in churches, we need a LOT of ties for little one. Okay, we don’t need them, I like them. I like them a lot. My son finds ways to loose the ties we buy him, I don’t know how, but they disappear faster than socks!

One day, when I spend time in my home, I would love to sell them (mostly because I love sewing for other people). Opening an etsy shop is out of the question though because I do not feel like dealing with international shipping. Maybe Namibian boys wear ties to church, who knows?





  • Adorable Diaper Cover (
  • ^I don’t knit or crochet, but this is also cute ;)

2 thoughts on “Cute Boy Ties

  1. You got the hang of the links! :) Cute tie. He doesn’t try to pull them off? My little one won’t even let me put a hat on him. :(

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