Full Coverage Nursing Cover

I made a new nursing cover for a friend today! Since it’s not my design, I’m not sure that it is right to write a tutorial, but the tutorial I used is here http://lilluna.com/nursing-cover-tutorial (I need to learn how to make links!).

The materials required are:

2 coordinating fabrics

Elastic (I used 1 inch but the tutorial uses 1/4 in)

Boning (I used 12 inches)




Sew the bottom panel to the main fabric

Sew the front and back panels together with a french seam

Sewing the boning and elastic into a casing at the top. I used pen to mark the place I intended to leave open for threading the elastic (on either side of the boning)

Finished product!

To be honest, this project is so easy you hardly even need directions! If the Lord give me more children I will be making one for myself!



3 thoughts on “Full Coverage Nursing Cover

  1. Great job! To make a link, you type a word you want to use to represent the website; like you might say, “Check out this tutorial” and tutorial is the word you want to use (it’ll be the link). So, you highlight it, click the “insert/edit link” button when you’re creating the post and it’ll pop up, asking you for the URL. Paste the web address there and click “Add link”. That’s it! :)

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