How to make a Full bodied Headband

My daughter was born bald, and still at 2 1/2 barely has hair! We began using headbands as a way of  putting flowers and bows on her head to distinguish her as a girl (we STILL  had people ask if she were a boy!!).  I got tired of the same old store-bought headbands that everyone else was using and decided to try some fabric ones out. The first few styles I tried were decent, but the style I am sharing with you is by far my favorite! I have yet to see anyone else wearing anything like it!

This is a 10 min project (if your bobbin is already wound;) But you will need scrap fabric, coordinating thread, scissors and elastic.

Step one:

Cut a rectangle of fabric the length and width of your desired headband PLUS seam allowances on all sides. I used 1/2 inch seam allowances and my headband was exactly 12 inches long.

Step two:

Cut another rectangle out the same width as the first, but add about three inches to the length.

Step three:

Gather BOTH sides of the length and pin the two cut rectangles WRONG sides together at the length.

Step four:

Sew the length, but NOT the width and turn right side out

Step five:

Fold the seam allowance in on the sides and pin elastic to fit the future wearer inside the fold. Sew fold shut.


Step six:

EMBELLISH. Sew decorative stitches, add buttons, flowers or bows.


The longer you make the second piece of fabric the fuller your headband will appear, as well as how wide your headband is. In the first picture the finished headband is only about an inch wide, but in the bottom picture the headband is about 2 1/2 inches; it was so full that I put quilters lines in it to keep it from being too puffy, and I LOVE IT.



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