French Seam Tutorial

I made my daughter a beautiful Easter dress last spring with an adorable ‘duck’ print. She only wore it once or twice before the washer completely ate at the side seam. I usually make cotton and cotton blend dresses and even though I’m supposed to zig zag all raw edges, I didn’t used to. I never had a problem with it, until the Easter dress incident.

That was when I stumbled upon the idea of using a french seam, and let me tell you it finishes so wonderfully!

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Using a little less than half your seam allowance (the total seam allowance should be at least 5/8 inch) sew the 2 fabrics RIGHT sides together

2.  Fold the fabric inside out putting the raw edge snugly inside. You may even want to iron it so it does not bubble. Sew a new seam that encases the raw edge.

Now you do not have to worry about fraying edges! This is great for children’s clothes as it enhances the durability.

I suggest forgoing french seams on bodices where the raw edges are going to be in a lining because the seams would be bulky (and you may even break a needle) if you had to sew 2 french seams together ( but please, learn from my mistakes and zig zag your raw edges ;).

If this is something you have not tried, please do, it takes your projects to a level that even store brought items fail to achieve!Image



Any thoughts?

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