Gathering, The Easy Way


Sewing is a fun hobby to have, but not every aspect is glorious. Take gathering, for instance, there are SO many ways to make mistakes, but I have learned a new, EASIER way.

Step one:

At the spot where the gathering will be stitch 2-3 times and then back-stitch.

Step two:

Release your presser foot and pull the threads (top and bobbin) as long as the fabric you are gathering, BEFORE cutting the threads.


Step three:

Twist the two threads together and lay them flat where you would normally place your basting thread for gathering (inside the seam allowance).


Step four:

Switch to a zig zag stitch and zig zag over your twisted threads. Sew all the way to the end of section to be gathered.


This will give you the same effect of a curtain and curtain rod and is SO VERY EASY. It makes much smaller gathers than if you were to use three basting threads and you will not break your threads this way. When you try it, let me know how it works for you! I will never do it another way.

Here is the finished gathered look of my latest dress:




Any thoughts?

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