Quick Elastic Tip


There are SEVERAL different ways to do elastic and I have tried every variety (that I know of) at least once, but in this *short* blog I wanted to share a little tip I have learned about threading elastic into the casing.  Once you make the casing for the elastic, use your threading tool (or safety pin) and thread it through the opening (as usual), and then pull it out and bring the edges of the elastic together.

Now take a small, folded, square, piece of doubled fabric (maybe twice the width of your elastic) (any scrap will do, I’m sure you have plenty!). Now sew one edge of the elastic to it somewhere in the middle, then sew the second edge right next to the other, but NOT overlapping. Then simply cut the excess fabric and sew encasing closed. This method prevents bunching of overlapping elastic, and I have found that it looks nicer in the finished product.


This may not be the clearest picture but I believe it gets the point across…




Any thoughts?

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