Fun Places to Visit! — Helen, GA

Its been a week since my last blog! I have had a crazy week with three hospital visits and a pediatrician’s visit for my children!

As I have a unique opportunity to travel the country (mostly the East Coast), I thought I would share some of the neat places we have found.

Helen, GA was one of the first unique places my husband and I encountered.  Helen only has 2.1 square miles in the entire city! What makes the city interesting is the Bavarian theme on every building. City ordinance has required every building to match the theme since 1961.Image

It is a beautiful city located about 2 hours north of Atlanta among the Appalachian mountains. The drive to get there is captivating regardless of the direction you are traveling from.

There are a million things to do in Helen! Not the least of which is tubing, mini golfing, EATING German cuisine, and the main attraction of the city, SHOPPING. There are about a dozen interesting clothing and souvenir shops that are only slightly different from the others, but who could shop a German outlet without stopping at Kilwins? Oh, and do not forget the candy store! Germans are known for making interesting candy. Christmas is always in season in a few shoppes.  Glass blowing is an interesting trade you may have the opportunity to enjoy watching and jewelry is a fun thing to shop for while in town.


Helen is an amazing city to visit if you are only a few hours away. Hotels are reasonably priced (even the Days Inn is themed, clean, and nice) and there are wonderful cabins to lodge in just outside the city.  It is especially nice to visit in the Winter (dress warm!) because they decorate beautifully, and riding a horse and buggy with your spouse is extra romantic in the cold!


Pardon the belly! I was 7 mos pregnant with my first here!

Have you ever been to Helen? What did you enjoy most?


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