Addy Rose’s Birth



My husband and I worked at a church day camp the summer after we graduated Bible college.  I absolutely LOVE working with children, but after a few weeks of working 14 hour days (almost 12 with children present) I began to be a little short-tempered with the children.  My cycle was also very late but it always felt like I was going to start any day, so I didn’t give it a second thought.  My eating habits became rather random because nothing ever sounded good. One day, another man who worked on the property walked by and saw me eating a pickle (I thought they were extra yummy that summer) and then walked by again a half hour later just to see me eating ice cream. My husband finally had me take a test (I was in denial and really had no expectations of being pregnant) and the result came back positive!

Fast forward several months and my OB decided to induce me on my due date because I was showing no signs of going into labor. (I knew nothing about doctors or birth and have since learn to educate myself!). I went into the hospital at 6:30 to be induced on Feb 25. They started me on pitocin immediately and the cramps were awful!!! I made the best of it, and actually had a ton of friends come to visit and I managed to play some card games and watch Lady and the Tramp (I have no idea why that movie). At about five o’clock I was not feeling like having ten people in my room (literally 10 at one point) so most everyone left because after all day of laboring *nothing* was happening!

At about 9pm the doctor pressured me into breaking my water (I never actually consented, I really only looked confused and scared and asked if it would increase my risk of c-section, he lied and said no.) At that point the contractions were more than unbearable and were topping the scales of the internal monitor (as they had been almost all day). From their readings the contractions were strong enough to push, I just was not dilated.

At about 11pm I wanted to quit, laboring for 17 hours with contractions  1 1/2 mins apart was exhausting, and asked my awesome nurse what the worse that could happen if I got an epidural. Her response was simple, “You could die.” She was right, and that was enough for me to continue in my sorrow saying to myself, “Pain never killed anyone!” Even though I felt like I was dying. Lol!

From midnight to about 4:30 my husband and I were both falling asleep between contractions (How that’s possible with 1 mins contractions 1.5 mins apart is amazing to me.)

At 3:30 I felt an incredible urge to push and the nurse said I was only an 8 or 9 and made me wait. An hour. LONGEST hour of my life. The strength it takes to keep your body from what it wants to do is incredible.

At 4:30 I was fully dilated and the nurses called the doctor and told me to wait to push until he got there. Yeah right, I was already on the bed and not waiting. I told the nurse that I didn’t care if he ever got there.  After about an hour of pushing I had my baby girl.

We had her name picked out since the second trimester, but waited until we saw her to decide for certain. It’s hard to explain how we knew, but when we saw her we knew she was our little Addy Rose.

I was so excited about her birth that I didn’t sleep for 24 hours after her birth, and that was after 23.5 hours of continuous pitocin induced, un-medicated labor. THAT is excitement!
She was found after her birth be only 38 weeks gestation, but still weighed in at 7 lbs 8 oz s and was 21 1/4 inches long.



2 thoughts on “Addy Rose’s Birth

  1. Intense birth story! :) She’s beautiful. After having my third child last September at a hospital (again), I am SO planning a homebirth if we are blessed enough to have another!

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