Homemade Baked Chicken Nuggets

After several dozen nut butter and honey sandwiches, I wanted another lunch item on the rotation. I have never been one to buy frozen food, but when I asked my sweet husband for lunch ideas, he suggested frozen chicken nuggets. And the light came on! I would make my own frozen nuggets. After a bit of experimenting, I will share my favorite recipe with you and you can store these in the freezer for an easy lunch on any day.

Baked Chicken Nuggets


*Chicken pieces – raw, cut into strips or nuggets, I use the breast only
*Bread crumbs
*Seasonings (I use parsley, mineral rich salt, pepper, paprika, onion powder, and garlic powder)
*egg wash (egg and milk in about a 1:1 ratio mixed well but it’s not an exact science)


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. Coat chicken by dipping in egg wash and then bread crumbs (coat twice for extra crisp)
3. Bake for about 15 minutes until cooked through to 165 degrees.
* Try not to eat them all before they cool so you can store them in the freezer for other lunches :)
* To reheat, preheat the oven to 400 and bake until crispy 12-15 minutes, turning once

The variations you could make are endless, you could halve the crumbs with flour, add in some Parmesan cheese and any combination of seasonings. I began cutting them in strips with my kitchen shears and it saves me time. I usually have several rotations to put in the oven to last me several weeks. We will eat this once a week for lunch, and it breaks the monotony of kid lunches for stay at home families.

You want to make a super organic version? Use organic or local chicken breast, make your own bread crumbs with dried homemade (even gluten-free) bread and use eggs from free range local chicken and the milk your family is most comfortable using.

Want to save a little time? Buy some pre-seasoned breadcrumbs and pre-cut chicken (like tenderloins, but adjust cooking time). Making it as a meal at lunch and dinner also saves some work.

Now I am on a search for the perfect homemade dipping sauce, have a recipe you suggest?

Birthday Traditions

Growing up, the birthday tradition we enjoyed was picking out our own special dinner, and we always had our birthday parties the Sunday after our birthday. Our family is still young, but without realizing it, we have developed our own traditions.

For My son, 3, I make him a special breakfast. The first two years, I made waffles, but this year he picked pancakes, so I made him a banana split themed pancake. He loves his whipped cream and sprinkles! And it is such a lovely way to wake up on birthday day!

JJ birthday 3

For my daughter, 4, we have always had Asian food. We haven’t been in the same place for her birthday twice, so the restaurant has been different every time. She has always adored Asian food, so we find her a nice buffet and let her walk up and pick what she eats.

This girl loves her mushrooms!

This girl loves her mushrooms!

My youngest is going to turn 1 in a few days, and I am not sure what we are going to do to celebrate her birthday day, but we will find a way to make it uniquely hers. What was birthday tradition in your home?

My adventure seeking almost 1 year old!

My adventure seeking almost 1 year old!

Converstations on Truth

My kids are 16 months apart, and boy are they competitive! They were all getting buckled and began shouting back and forth, “I am bigger than you!” “No!! I am bigger than you are!” It only took a few back and forth comments before it started to escalate into unkind tones, so I interjected.

While they were both at fault, the older was obviously the one getting angry. So I stopped what I was doing, looked at her and very quietly, almost whispered, “Your name is Adelle.”

She looked at me very intently. I think she expected something more and she was listening for it. So just a little louder than before, I said, “Your name is Adelle.” While she was still listening closely, she looked a bit puzzled, so I continued, this time in a normal talking voice, “Your name is Adelle.” While I could tell she was starting to think I was a bit odd, I once more, in a louder, firmer, but kind tone said, “Your name is Adelle.”

And that is when the conversation began. Which statement was more true? Did raising my voice make it more believable? Adelle seemed to understand that you do not have to yell to proclaim the truth.

So we finished buckling and began our drive.

Five minutes down the road and JJ tells Adelle that he is this many, while holding up two fingers. This make Adelle very angry and she yells, “I ALREADY KNOW THAT!”

Enter truth conversation number 2.

“Adelle, I know your favorite colors are pink and purple.”

“Yes! They are!”

“You are probably going to tell me that again. Should I yell at you and tell you that I already know that.”

“No,” *giggles*

“Do I have to be wrong about something for you to tell me?……Right, we are just making conversation, and it makes you happy to tell me things and it makes me happy to hear them. Let’s just be happy with JJ when he tells us things.”

And a few more minutes later the two are arguing a yes-it-is no-its-not conversation.

“Adelle, your name is Adelle, if I tell you it is Susie, does that change the truth?….what about if I tell your friends your name is Susie, would that make your name Susie?…..How about if I tell strangers your name is Susie?…..Sweetie, it does not matter if your brother, or anyone believes something is true or not, that doesn’t change what is true.”

Sweet girl gave some awesome feedback and really seemed to understand some things on truth during our commute yesterday. I know it is only a start though, because if there is anything I’ve learned about children, is that they need a lot of repetition! But you know what? So do I. The Bible says, “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” Proverbs 15:15, but how often do I forget before opening my mouth?

Happy 10 Months!


My daughter is 10 months old today! It would be impossible to express how much fun it is to see a little personality grow up. Children are all so unique, and I am constantly amazed at how my three are all so different.

My sweet Josephine is full of personality. She loves to make people laugh; she has the largest, happiest smile accompanied with huge blue eyes; she can be patiently sneaky, but is very selective with which battles she chooses; I have never seen a baby enjoy hugs and kisses as much as her, or cry with as much brokenness if you walk by without acknowledging her.

She has taken several steps, though never more than two at a time. She pulled up at 4 months old, and like my others was born with a determination to move. She rolled over both ways at just 3 days old, said Momma at 5 months and Da-Da at 6. She currently says a ton of words from Bye-Bye to Bear, Dis {this} to Dat {That}, Ada {For Adelle} to Down {often as she is reaching to the ground making herself impossible to hold}.

She loves to play patty-cake, show us the “Big Girl” and mimic your sounds and gestures, hide from us in Peek-a-boo, and whatever other game requires interaction. She is in love with her brother and sister. Anytime they are asleep, she sneaks in their room to wake them up. Once they were gone at Granny’s house when she woke from a nap and she went straight in their room looking for them, when their beds were empty she yelled, “Ada!” over and over hoping to find them. Josephine knows she is one of them and gleefully jumps in the middle of rough housing with daddy with no concern for danger.

All my children are unique and interesting to me. I could have a dozen more and they would all be a source of fascination for their mother. I think that realizing the strengths and weaknesses of their personalities has helped me understand people a bit better. God created us all different and for different reasons. Realizing that God intended people to be the way they are has helped me appreciate the things I did not used to understand in people before. It is now easier to appreciate people for who they are instead of how much we get along.

Having three children has taught me a lot more than how to take care of a baby, meal plan or clean house, it has taught me more about life in general and it is so much fun to learn.

My Mother’s Day Gift and a Call for Help :)

This Mother’s Day we spent the weekend with my family who live a few hours away. Because we were celebrating the holiday with my mother, my husband did not have any gift prepared for me. We were staying in a hotel so we woke up early and went out to breakfast at Panera Bread before church. That was special because we rarely go out to breakfast. Adelle even hugged me and told me that I was her favorite member of the family and I was the best, and she didn’t even know it was Mother’s Day. That made my day more special than any organized craft could have :)

Jeff surprised me yesterday with a ‘Mother’s Day’ gift in the form of a little laptop. We have one ‘real’ laptop that he uses for work, so it is not often available for blogging. Now, with this tiny little touch screen laptop I can sit down and blog during nap-times and I can take it with me if I need or want to. I have already written a huge list of all the titles and topics that have been floating around my head. I was a little concerned about the smaller keyboard, but it has not been a problem. The laptop came with Word and that is pretty much my only requirement for a laptop :)

Now I have a question for you. Do you have any helpful blogging apps? I have an iPad and a Windows laptop. Do you type your posts directly into WordPress or do you have another program? Have you written any posts that are helpful for new bloggers? Feel free to share any personal posts!

Do You Reeeally Know What You Are Talking About?

My sweet daughter was 3 and had this sudden interest in plants and flowers. She wanted to know where flowers come from and if they eat. With glee I explained about dirt, sun, rain and roots. It is a wonderful feeling to know something your child wants to understand. But I quickly found myself to be lacking intellect. *How* did the roots pick up water? *Why* do the flowers show up on this branch and not the other one too? And how do the nutrients from the dirt go to the plant?

Now, I feel like I know enough about botany to sound like I believe it is magic. It just does. *sigh*

And the thing I once thought I understood I realize I have no idea what I am talking about. Because the truth is, if you do not know how to explain it to a 3 year old, you do not really know how or why it works.

Have you ever been dumbfounded by a tot? Do share :)